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Casa Riera Ordeix

A journey
through time

During the second half of the 19th century, the city of Vic witnessed the modernisation of transport. It was in this context that Josep Riera Font, a Vic native based in Barcelona, discovered the world of Salchichón. He began by simply selling it, but his fascination with this traditional product ultimately led him to set up Casa Riera Ordeix and undertake its production.

Josep Riera Font founded Casa Riera Ordeix
on 25 January 1852
Casa Riera Ordeix company

~ Past and present ~

six generations moved by a passion

The history of Casa Riera Ordeix is one of six generations driven by their love for work carried out ​​with enthusiasm, respect and staying true to one's roots.

A work philosophy founded by Josep Riera Font and continued by his son, Pau Riera Ordeix.

This philosophy was later passed down to Josep Riera Creixans and Manuel Riera Comella, who made Vic Salchichón a world-renowned product. The latest recipients of this family passion have been Joaquim Comella Benet and Joaquim Comella Riera.

Casa Riera Ordeix six generations
Casa Riera Ordeix entry

our high-quality dry curing process and the knowledge gained over 170 years have allowed us to develop a unique product that has travelled all over the world.

Sixteen decades after its founding, the headquarters of Casa Riera Ordeix is still in Vic (Plaça dels Màrtirs 14). That is because Casa Riera Ordeix still offers the same product, made in the same way by the same family, with one priority in mind: quality.

Our selection of the finest ingredients, dry curing process and knowledge passed down from generation to generation have made Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix a unique and exceptional product that has travelled the world over.

And it has done so as an ambassador for the city of Vic and its region. Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is a product with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status since 2002.

As well as Vic Salchichón, we also prepare Truffled Salchichón, Rustic Salchichón and Vic Fuet. Four singular products renowned for their aroma, texture and flavour in every corner of the world.

Casa Riera Ordeix llonganissa de Vic

igp product
since 2002

Our products are currently available in several iconic department stores, including Harrods in London, Grande Epicerie in Paris, and KaDeWe in Berlin. They are also in the Swiss chain Globus and have travelled as far as Holland and Hong Kong.

Casa Riera Ordeix Corte Inglés
Casa Riera Ordeix Grande Epicerie
Casa Riera Ordeix Globus
Casa Riera Ordeix Harrods
Casa Riera Ordeix Kadewe

~ Present and future ~

two generations sharing dreams and knowledge

maria mercè riera roque

President — 5th Generation

joaquim comella benet

Chairman — 5th Generation

joaquim comella riera

CEO — 6th Generation

Casa Riera Ordeix Present and future

~ Our facilities ~

Casa Riera Ordeix is a member of

Casa Riera Ordeix Luxury Spain
Luxury Spain
Casa Riera Ordeix Face

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Casa Riera Ordeix participates in the rural investment development program for food processing and marketing

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This action is promoted and subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and 100% financed by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funded by the European Union
Servei d’ocupació de Catalunya
Next Generation Catalunya
Generalitat de Catalunya

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