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Truffle Salchichón 'mini'

in cardboard box

Truffle Salchichón 'Small'

Truffle Salchichón 'mini'


in cardboard box


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The Truffle Salchichón 'mini' of Casa Riera Ordeix wrapped and packed in a carton box. The Truffle Salchichón is based on Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix and black winter truffle. The black truffle and natural cure process give to Truffle Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix an extraordinary taste. The Truffle Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is a natural product, made from premium cuts of female pork: ham, belly and lean, minced with sea salt and black pepper, and stuffed in a natural casing. Adding the selected black winter truffles gives the irresistible flavour to product. The Truffle Salchichón is cured traditionally in louvred wooden chambers, benefitting from the special Vic climate. This process allows to product cure slowly and it lasts from three to six months depending on size of each piece and the weather. 100% natural. Lactose and gluten free.



Pork (made with 166g of Spanish pork per 100g of finished product), salt, black truffle (1%), black pepper, preservative potassium nitrate. Natural casing.

Nutritional values ~ for 100g

Energy1583KJ / 380KCAL
Of which saturates11G
Of which sugars2.2G

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