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We are a family business dedicated to handmade Salchichóns since 1852. From then until now, we propose to travel through our Salchichón.
Come in and discover it.

Casa Riera Ordeix, Vic (Barcelona)



The 165 years of Casa Riera Ordeix, the Conde Godó Championship

The 165 years of history, tradition of Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix will be in the Conde Godó Championship for third year in a row; Casa Riera Ordeix will take part in the recognized Trophy of Barcelona.

Casa Riera Ordeix in "The true food of Spain" by Monika Linton

It is possible to find the Vic Salchichón Casa Riera Ordeix and its traditional method in the book "The true food of Spain", written by Monika Linton, owner of Brindisi.

Vic con un toque de Casa Riera Ordeix

Recorrido por algunos de los restaurantes que configuran la atractiva oferta gastronómica de la ciudad e Vic con un toque de Salchichón de Vic Casa Riera Ordeix.

From Vic to the table with one click

The Vic Salchichón, the Truffle Salchichón, the Rustic Style Salchichón, the Vic Fuet and the Gran Luxe Salchichón are the products of Casa Riera Ordeix. You can enjoy them from here.


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